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Science Oxford creates and delivers a wide range of exciting science workshops and shows that enrich the science and technology curricula in your school. We offer a 15% discount as part of our annual membership for schools.

Before you book, watch our short film highlighting a selection of the shows and workshops we run in schools.

What does a visit to your school involve?

Our experienced team will put together a full or part-day programme of shows and workshops that fits into your school timetable and that allows sufficient time to set up, reset or clear away. The programme is tailored to each school and can usually include a mixture of activities for different Key Stages. Our shows and workshops have differing run times and we will always try to fit in with the timings of your usual school day. A small number of activities may require two Science Oxford staff members, who could also run two streams of other activities simultaneously.

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For timetables involving one staff member: £230+VAT for a part day; £320+VAT for a whole day
For timetables involving two staff members: £360+VAT for a part day; £495+VAT for a whole day
15% discount for Member Schools

We continue to risk assess all our activities. Please read our risk assessments for individual shows and workshops, found on their own pages or collected on our Resources page.

To book a workshop or show, call 01865 810000, email [email protected] or complete our booking form for one of the shows or workshops below and we will contact you.





Shows & Workshops (Primary)

  • Planetarium: An Astronaut's Adventure

    30 min show for FS & KS1.

    Available to book April to July. Immersed in our inflatable dome, children will look at the wonders of the night sky and travel to the moon and beyond in a learning environment that is out of this world.

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  • Inventing Isobel

    45 min show for FS & KS1.

    Isobel is a great inventor, and comes up with loads of fantastic ideas! Your students help her to think about the properties of the materials she's using to solve her problems.

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  • Rocket Mice

    45 min workshop for FS & KS1.

    Students discuss how air can be used to make things move before launching paper mice with empty plastic bottles and comparing the outcomes.

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  • Amazing Animals

    60 min show for FS & KS1.

    An enormous variety of animals are found across the whole world. In this interactive show, your students are challenged to ask why there is such a range of different animals.

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  • Discover Materials

    60 min workshop for FS & KS1.

    Children discuss what different objects are made from and use their observations and knowledge to predict what will happen in a ‘drop tube’ test, before creating their own new material.

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  • Crafty Rafts

    120 min workshop for KS1.

    Children design and build rafts using a variety of materials, testing and refining their designs throughout the session.

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  • Water Wheels

    60 min workshop for KS1 & KS2.

    How will we keep the lights on when the fossil fuels run out? This workshop introduces some of the renewable and non-renewable ways that we generate electricity.

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  • Creature Creations

    60m workshop for KS1 & LKS2.

    Children investigate species adaptation and learn about habitats by making their own ‘Super Animal’ out of soft dough and other materials.

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  • Egg Drop Challenge

    120 min workshop for KS1 & KS2.

    Pupils explore forces and the properties of materials to create a structure to save their egg from a fall.

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  • Planetarium: Out in Space

    1hr show for KS2.

    Available to book April to July. Immersed in our inflatable dome, children will look at the wonders of the night sky and explore the stars in a learning environment that is out of this world.

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  • Water Rockets

    120 min workshop for KS1 & KS2.

    Children design and decorate plastic bottle rockets which are safely launched outside using water and compressed air. The rockets are spectacular and can reach heights of 30m, or can be launched horizontally as rocket cars.

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  • Rocket Cars

    120 min workshop for KS1 & KS2.

    Children design and decorate plastic bottle rocket cars which are safely launched horizontally outside on a playground ‘race track’ using water and compressed air.

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  • Great Fire of London

    60 min show designed for KS2, adapted for KS1.

    What started the Great Fire in September 1666? How did it destroy so much of London? Would we be able to stop it today?

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  • K’Nex workshops

    90 or 120 min workshops for Y2 & KS2.

    Pupils become engineers and design, build and test working models using K’Nex. Workshop challenges include fairground rides, opening bridges, Mars Rovers and rubber band cars.

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  • Marble Mazes

    45 min workshop for Y2 & KS2.

    Children are challenged to create a route for a marble to travel through as slowly as possible without stopping. They discuss their ideas, test their designs and analyse what worked best.

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  • Changing Materials

    90 min workshop for KS2.

    "It will explode!"; "Nothing will happen."; "It will melt AND evaporate."

    Your children test their predictions by heating up different materials.

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  • Crime Scene Science

    75 min workshop for KS2.

    A mystery white powder has been discovered at a crime scene and students must become forensic scientists to discover what it is by carrying out a series of chemical tests.

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  • The Fire Show

    60 min show for KS2.

    Fire: both the comfort of the hearth, and the danger of the inferno. We examine the nature of fire, answer your burning questions, and learn how fire can be controlled.

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  • Joining Forces

    60 min show for KS2.

    Why have we brought a skateboard to your school? How does a person survive a fall from an aeroplane? We investigate the nature of forces and motion with fun demonstrations.

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  • Micro:bit Codebreakers

    120 min coding workshop for KS2.

    Children will learn how to use a BBC micro:bit to send messages to each other, considering the importance of privacy while trying to work out who their secret agent partner is.

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  • Spy School

    60 min workshop for KS2.

    Join our top secret spy school and battle through a series of maths challenges; including cracking codes, reading hidden messages, solving sequences and discovering hidden co-ordinates.

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  • Science of Magic

    60 min show for KS2.

    Where did the water go? Why didn’t that fall over? How could an egg be taught to swim? Working scientifically, pupils try to figure out the science behind a series of amazing magic tricks.

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  • Sound of Science

    60 min show for KS2.

    We are surrounded by sound in our everyday lives, but how often do we really think about it? This show explores how we make sound, how we hear it, how we can use it and most importantly how we can enjoy it!

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  • Sound of Science (workshop)

    60 min workshop for KS2.

    What is a sound? Your students explore different ways of making noise in a carousel of activities.

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  • micro:bot mazes

    90 min coding workshop for KS2.

    Children code a BBC micro:bit to control a robot buggy and explore the importance of testing and improving their designs.

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  • Evolution in Action

    90 min workshop for UKS2

    Pupils learn about variation, natural selection, adaptation and evolution through a series of practical and discussion activities that really help to develop their understanding.

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  • Super Suckers

    120 min workshop for UKS2.

    Students learn how a basic motor works and use their knowledge of electrical circuits to build a working vacuum cleaner from everyday materials.

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  • Marvellous Maths

    60 min show for UKS2.

    "Where there is life there is a pattern, and where there is a pattern there is mathematics." Pupils will be challenged and engaged by a wide variety of mathematical topics.

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  • Circuit Detectives

    75 min workshop for UKS2.

    Students are challenged to find the faults in a series of electrical circuits, taking a systematic approach to problem solving.

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