Evolution in Action

Y5, Y6
90 mins - workshop
Evolution, Draw conclusions

This fascinating workshop will support children’s learning about variation, natural selection, adaptation and evolution through a series of practical and discussion activities that will really help to develop their understanding.

We’ll begin by discussing the variation between different species, showing how they adapt and evolve to survive in particular environments. Using practical demonstrations we’ll consider how different birds could be suited to living in different places and learn how scientists such as Charles Darwin developed their ideas on evolution using careful observations of plants and animals in different parts of the world. We’ll discuss how some plants and animals which aren’t well adapted to their environment become extinct, whilst others breed and produce future generations.

A practical and engaging activity about imaginary ducks with different beaks will introduce children to the theory of natural selection. Will the ducks with big beaks or tiny beaks survive? What do they eat? How many calories do they need? Children always enjoy our ‘Clippy Island’ activity – it’s a memorable way to help children grasp some scientific concepts related to evolution and adaptation.

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