Thinking, Doing, Talking Science

Thinking, Doing, Talking Science (TDTS) aims to make science lessons in primary schools more practical, creative and challenging by training teachers in a number of strategies to encourage pupils to use higher order thinking skills.

The project is funded by the Education Endowment Foundation and has been created and is being delivered by Science Oxford, in partnership with Oxford Brookes University.

It was first developed and evaluated during 2013-15 with 42 Oxfordshire primary schools in what is called an efficacy trial. This trial showed that overall, pupils in schools using the TDTS approach made approximately three months progress in science. The programme had a particularly positive effect on girls and on pupils with lower prior attainment. There were indications that the approach had most impact on pupils eligible for free school meals. As a result of this success the EEF have funded our TDTS team to carry out an effectiveness trial in over 200 schools across the country.

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    TDTS focuses on the development of cognitively challenging and interactive primary science lessons. Teachers enable their pupils to think and talk about scientific concepts through:

    • dedicated discussion times
    • providing pupils with a wide range of opportunities for creative investigations and problem solving
    • focusing the pupils’ recording so that there is always time for practical science.

    If you’re a teacher interested in booking the sessions, see below for our TDTS CPD workshops and please contact us on [email protected]

    We also offer a range of standard CPD sessions – for more information and to book please visit here.

    Book our TDTS CPD

    Thinking, Doing, Talking Science (Primary)

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