Water Wheels

Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6
60 mins - workshop
Engineering, Working scientifically, Practical enquiry

Focusing on developing working scientifically skills within a pattern seeking investigation, this workshop challenges children to create the most effective water wheel design.

Children will use our custom-made, 3D-printed kits to design, build and test water wheels, developing skills including asking questions, collecting data, observing and drawing conclusions.

Children will work in groups of four, as this encourages discussion, questioning, teamwork and communication while ensuring that every child has plenty of opportunities to take part.

The workshop is set within the context of hydropower.  If your focus is solar energy, you may be interested in booking our Solar K’nex Workshops, suitable for Y2 upwards.  The workshops can also be run together, as part of a Renewable Energy Day.  Please contact us using the online form to the right to discuss this further.

Contact our schools team with any questions on [email protected] 

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