Creature Creations

Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4
60 min - workshop
Evolution, Draw conclusions

We’ll start by introducing the simple scientific vocabulary and concepts that we’ll be using during the workshop before transforming the children into a variety of creatures by giving out soft foam masks. After your class sort themselves into their creatures’ habitats, we’ll discuss adaptation, using language suitable for the children’s age and stage and ensuring that any misconceptions are addressed.

Once your students are confident with the concept of adaptation, we’ll challenge them to each create their own creature to keep – a brand new species, unknown to science! As they use playdough and craft materials to build their creatures, we’ll ask them to think about what adaptations help their creature to survive in a particular habitat. This questioning and talk time will cement the concepts we’ve discussed as well as giving children opportunities to show areas in which they are exceeding age-related expectations.

This workshop can include time for children to collect natural materials to use in building their creatures. If you have a suitable outside area, including this time allows your children to make real-life connections with their learning and additional opportunities to develop Working Scientifically skills, especially questioning and observation.

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