Amazing Animals

EYFS, Y1, Y2
45/60 mins - show

Amazing Animals is a show designed for up to 60 children (two classes).

An enormous variety of animals are found across the whole world – between one and two million different species! In this interactive show, your children are challenged to think about the range of different animals and why there might be so many, with thought-provoking questions, fascinating videos and breath-taking demonstrations.

By imagining themselves as the desert-dwelling horned viper, the silent-but-deadly nocturnal predator the owl or one of a multitude of magnificent mini-beasts, they will consider just what each of these animals needs to survive in its own habitat. They will discover the surprising skills of some of these creature, including a startlingly stealthy octopus, and compare their own senses with each other, with you and with more familiar animals.

Designed specifically for KS1 and reception aged children, this show demonstrates our Thinking, Doing, Talking Science ethos with opportunities for discussion, higher order thinking and questioning throughout, so why not invite your children to be astounded at our array of amazing animals?

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