Discovering Materials

EYFS, Y1, Y2
60 min - workshop
Materials, Make predictions

In this exciting, hands-on workshop, we start with a discussion about the materials different objects are made from, and why their properties are suitable for different applications. Children will use their observations and prior knowledge to predict which items will bounce and which will break when dropped. We carefully ensure that we use a wide range of everyday materials to allow every child to contribute to the discussion. While most objects are well known to the majority of children, there are still a few that behave in a surprising way! This allows us to question their understanding and to give opportunities for students to think more deeply about what has happened and why it has happened that way.

After working with these familiar materials, each child will then be tasked with making something brand new – their own slime! With adult support, they will measure out different ingredients, combine them together and observe how the properties change as they react to make a new substance.

When their slime is complete, they then have the opportunity to investigate its properties. Does it bounce or break? Does it stretch or rip? Is it hard or soft? Our workshop leader will encourage children to share with each other what they have each discovered, especially focussing on similarities and differences and what could be causing these.

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