Great Fire of London

Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6
60 min - show
Materials, Draw conclusions

The Great Fire of London is designed for up to 60 pupils.

What started the Great Fire in September 1666? How did it destroy so much of London? Would we be able to stop it if the same thing happened today?

This show combines enthralling narrative and explosive demonstrations to explore this important event in our capital’s history. We examine how the fire started and spread, hear the words of Londoners observing the unfolding disaster, and use the fire triangle to understand why London was so susceptible. Using engaging demonstrations, we examine the scientific principles that help to explain the progress of the Great Fire and explore some more modern discoveries which have led to our increased understanding of fire.

This cross-curricular show is an alternative to our purely science-based Fire Show. It is mainly intended for a KS2 audience, so the scientific content is at this level. However, it is still enjoyable for younger students.

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