Secondary Schools

We have a wide range of science outreach kits available for schools to use. Each kit comes with kit list and instructions - perfect for lessons and after school clubs. Contact our schools team with any enquiries at [email protected].

To ensure all our equipment can be COVID-Secure, all kit loans will be isolated for a minimum of 72 hours between loans, as per our Risk Assesment for kit loan during COVID-19. Most loans are for two school weeks, being available for collection from Monday morning and to be returned by Friday afternoon. We will need to strictly adhere to these times to ensure kit can be safely loaned to other schools, and we appreciate your co-operation in this. It remains up to schools to risk assess their own usage of our kit loan equipment, but we do have suggested general risk assessments for all kit loan available on our risk assessments page.

Kit Loan (Secondary)

  • micro:bit kitloan

    6 week kit loan for KS2 & KS3

    micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer, designed to make learning and teaching easy and fun. It provides a more approachable method to computing than just teaching coding.

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  • K’Nex Construction

    A versatile and colourful construction kit of rods and connectors which can be used to create towers, bridges, cranes, cars and fairground rides.

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  • Marble Mazes

    Pupils create a path for a marble to travel down so that it moves as slowly as possible without stopping. Success is achieved by constantly testing and improving the design.

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  • Tower building

    This kit includes ‘rolling sticks’, tape, hole punches and nuts and bolts to enable the students to turn scrap paper into amazing rigid tubular structures – towers, domes, bridges or...

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  • Telescopes

    2 week kit loan for KS1 & 2

    Help your class explore the galaxy with our telescope kit loan, free to member schools, which includes a night sky telescope and a solar telescope with tripods, risk assessment and manufacturer’s instructions.

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  • Science Club in a box

    6 week kit loan for KS2

    Science Club in a Box enables you to run a weekly science club. The kit includes six activities with all the instructions and equipment required.

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