Marble Mazes

Shows & Workshops
Duration: 45 min
Suitable For: Y2 and KS2

Our Marble Mazes workshop is always a popular choice, providing children with a simple but engaging science investigation activity they’ll want to try over and over again! It could be used to complement a topic on materials or forces and as an opportunity to develop problem-solving skills.

Children will be challenged to create a route for a marble to travel through as slowly as possible without stopping, using limited materials. Throughout the workshop we will facilitate discussions to encourage children to consider scientific principles such as the effect of gravity causing the marble to roll and the effect of friction on its movement.

We’re always amazed at the inventive and imaginative ways with which children use their own ideas to construct their mazes! They will be working scientifically, developing careful observation, questioning, recording and investigative skills. Children will record the time each marble takes to travel through the maze, then refine their designs, re-testing and improving their maze each time.

Whose marble will take the longest? (Beware – this activity is quite addictive for adults too!)

After the workshop, why not take advantage of our kit loan service and run the activity as part of a school fair, after-school club or science week?

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Our experienced team will put together a full or part-day programme of shows and workshops that fits into your school timetable and that allows sufficient time to set up, reset or clear away. The programme is tailored to each school and can usually include a mixture of activities for different Key Stages. A small number of activities may require two staff members, but we can run two streams of activities simultaneously with an additional member of staff.

For timetables involving one staff member:

£230+VAT for a part day
£320+VAT for a whole day
15% discount for Member Schools

For timetables involving two staff members:

£360+VAT for a part day
£495+VAT for a whole day
15% discount for Member Schools

Contact our schools team with any questions on [email protected] 

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Marble Mazes
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