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Our Top 3 Spring Science Resources for primary schools

Monday 9th April 2018

Spring has sprung and as the weather gets warmer, it’s becoming easier for teachers to take the curriculum outside. We’ve rounded up our favourite outdoor learning resources for primary schools, including ideas for activities with english and maths as well as science. From poetry in the fresh air to advice about creating and maintaining a school pond, there’s sure to be something to enjoy in the great outdoors with your class!

1 – Reading Outside  

A good book can be a springboard for learning, whether it’s an inspiring piece of fiction, a collection of engaging lesson plans or a selection of easy to use resources. Juliet Robertson, a leading outdoor learning education consultant, has put together a great list of suggestions on her blog at


2 – Pond-life

If you or your school is a member of CLEAPSS, check out to find a suite of resources on every aspect of building, maintaining and safely managing a pond in your school grounds. There also ideas for how to use your pond as a learning tool, once you’ve got it up and running!


3 – Natural Connections

Whether you regularly take maths outside or if you’re thinking about creating outdoor maths-themed lessons, we’re sure there’ll be an activity you can use at We particularly like the acorn game for KS1 – a great, open ended task that uses a range of problem solving skills in a fun, accessible way. Check out their pick of the bunch of Springtime Activities too.

Don’t forget we have a range of kit loan for primary schools, why not give our Bubbles kit a go – great fun for outdoors and guaranteed to put a spring in everyone’s step!


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