The Animal Olympics – Sold Out

Wednesday, 16th August 2017
10.30AM - 11.30AM
Suitable for ages 6-10
£5 per person (children to be accompanied by an adult)

Who doesn’t like a a cuddly chameleon and a loveable leaf bug? Animals are amazing but they are also extremely clever – able to adapt to the place where they live, hide in plain sight to avoid being eaten and store water to keep them going for months in the desert. Join us for The Animal Olympics – our new interactive science show that takes you on a fascinating journey around the animal kingdom, using live science demonstrations and plenty of audience participation to discover which creature is the most astounding of all planet Earth’s amazing animals!

Parents are required to stay

For information on our terms and conditions visit here.


The Oxfordshire Museum, Fletcher's House, Park Street, Woodstock, OXFORDSHIRE, OX20 1SN

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The Animal Olympics - Sold Out

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