Fooled You! The Science of Trickery

Wednesday, 16th August 2017
1.30PM - 2.30PM - Fully Booked
3PM - 4PM
Suitable for ages 7-11
£8 per child/ adults free

What better way to spend the summer holidays than discovering new ways to fool your friends! This magical family workshop will show your young Dynamos’ how to make water disappear, use ‘x-ray vision’ to look through solid objects and move items with their minds…all with the help of some intriguing scientific principles. A great introduction to chemistry, biology and physics packaged up in spell-binding hands-on activities and experiments.

For information on our terms and conditions visit here.


The Oxfordshire Museum, Fletcher's House, Park Street, Woodstock, OXFORDSHIRE, OX20 1SN

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Fooled You! The Science of Trickery

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