STEM Career Days

Our in-school STEM Careers Days offer year 7 and 8 students an early opportunity to improve their knowledge and understanding of STEM, engage with local employers and develop work related skills. These full day events for a whole year group can take one of two formats:

  • A STEM challenge which involves groups of students working on a practical problem solving activity throughout the day. Groups are mentored by business volunteers and present their results at the end of the day.
  • A carousel programme of 4-5 different interactive workshops delivered by business volunteers. Workshops include a practical activity and relate to a STEM topic or skill


The Squashed Tomato Challenge! A mixture of construction, engineering and maths! Teams of five students work together to design, build and test a way of moving tomatoes that won’t squash them! The challenge includes working as a team, marketing and finance.

Forensic Genectives! Using DNA left at a crime scene, students use the power of science to extract and analyse the DNA to figure out what the thief looks like. Covers cell biology, genetics and forensics in an exciting role play!

Space Day! Students build and text rockets and landing crafts, learn about the solar system and conditions in outer space and plot a course for their spaceship to the planet Haagen. They will need their mathematical and design skills to succeed! 

In-school STEM Career Days are available at a subsidised cost of £3.37 per student including travel up to one hour travel time; if you would like to book a STEM day or volunteer to help at one, contact [email protected]


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