STEM Skills Workshops

Our in-school Skills Workshops give young people an insight into the STEM industry, possible careers and life-based skills. These workshops have been developed in collaboration with local businesses and organisations.

Individual workshops have been designed for classes of Year 9, 10 or 11 students. Workshops can be mixed and matched for a specific day, or delivered multiple times during the day.

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Workshops to choose from:

  • People Like Me (1 hour): A workshop designed to breakdown stereotypes around STEM. Ideal for inspiring students to consider different STEM career paths.
  • CV Writing workshop (1 hour or 2 hours): An overview of how to create a CV, with pitfalls to avoid and the role of a cover letter.
  • Computer & Internet Skills (1 hour): An overview of online safety and basic computer knowledge.
  • Interview Skills (1 hour): An overview of specific interview skills and techniques.
  • Financial Planning (1 hour): An overview of budgeting and financial planning.
  • Mindfulness (1 Hour): Designed to help students cope with stress, identify and deal with mental health struggles in themselves and those around them.

£99+VAT for 1 hour workshop (including 1 member of staff)
£230+VAT for a part day (including 1 member of staff)

£320+VAT for a full day (including 1 member of staff)
£495+VAT for full day (including 2 members of staff)

For more information and to book please contact us at [email protected].