Sound of Science (workshop)

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Duration: 60 min
Suitable For: KS2

The Sound of Science workshop is designed for a class of 30 children. It works better in a venue larger than a single classroom if possible, as it makes a lot of noise!

This workshop requires the use of a large, well-ventilated room, and as there is an enhanced risk of spreading respiratory diseases, we will currently only be able to run it for one class during a visit.

What is a sound? Your children explore the similarities and differences when making noise in a carousel of activities.

By getting hands-on with a variety of vibrating noise-makers, your students discover for themselves how different objects make different sounds, how these can be changed and how we can use them to make music.

The Sound of Science Workshop works in tandem with the Sound of Science Show, but can also be booked on its own.

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  • Risk Assessment for Sound of Science Workshop
  • Pricing

    Our experienced team will put together a full or part-day programme of shows and workshops that fits into your school timetable and that allows sufficient time to set up, reset or clear away. The programme is tailored to each school and can usually include a mixture of activities for different Key Stages. A small number of activities may require two Science Oxford staff members, who could also run two streams of other activities simultaneously.

    For timetables involving one staff member:

    £230+VAT for a part day
    £320+VAT for a whole day
    15% discount for Member Schools

    For timetables involving two staff members:

    £360+VAT for a part day
    £495+VAT for a whole day
    15% discount for Member Schools

    This is an example of a schedule of a full day with Science Oxford in your school:

    Contact our schools team with any questions on [email protected] 

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Sound of Science (workshop)
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