Cheats and Deceits in nature

Friday, 17th March 2017
Ages 10+
£7 / £5 concessions

From cheating cuckoos to ant-mimicking spiders, the natural world is full of hustlers; creatures of all shapes and sizes who are out to deceive and manipulate others in the constant battle for survival. They use every trick in the book to lure unsuspecting prey, coerce potential mates and avoid attack from predators. From insects pretending to be flowers to cuttlefish who are the masters of disguise, ecologist Martin Stevens exposes the ruthlessness of nature and gives us a fascinating insight into the evolution of deception.

“Martin Stevens is a pioneer of the experimental approach to mimicry and camouflage.” The Independent (25 February 2016)


Oxford Playhouse
Beaumont Street, Oxford , OX1 2LW

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Cheats and Deceits in nature

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