STEM Summer Experience

For students interested in careers in STEM, this is an incredible opportunity to gain skills, experience and expertise over two weeks in the summer holidays, all while having fun. And it’s free!

Expanding views on STEM careers

Our STEM Summer Experiences are jam-packed with activities with leading STEM organisations from a wide variety of disciplines in and around Oxfordshire to help you discover many ways STEM skills can open doors to careers in STEM as well as other fields.

What can you achieve by taking part?

  • Expand your creativity and technical skills, while working at your own pace with support from amazing mentors.  Our STEM Summer Experience make you eligible to apply for a Gold CREST Award (recognised by employers).
  • Learn more about STEM careers from local STEM companies and industry professionals through workshops and talks.
  • Receive mentorship and first-hand advice on careers. You’ll be able to ask questions directly to STEM professionals about different career paths
  • Gain awareness of the type of jobs available by studying STEM subjects
  • Learn new skills to give you a great start in a STEM career, such as how to write a CV, through training provided by our expert in-house team
  • Receive advice on how to be aware of your own mental health and well-being when dealing with difficult challenges.
  • Raise your financial as well as online safety awareness through workshops
  • Receive a certificate of achievement for taking part

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STEM Summer Experience 2023

In 2023, our STEM Summer Experience had a coding and robotics theme, that culminated in an exciting robot maze challenge at the end of the programme! Students were supported through the two weeks to design and code their own BBC micro:bit robots through workshops on design, soldering and coding.

Thanks to partners and supporters, GE Healthcare, and Habitat Energy, bringing their wealth of knowledge of the STEM world of work across a range of STEM industries.

Congratulations to award winners:
Kayla Helsby, awarded the ‘Maze Winner‘ and ‘Best Robot Design‘. Her robot was quickest the maze, with no time deductions. In her design, she made the effort to build the robot without screws and glue, fitting pieces together in slots, and took into account how it would navigate the maze with only one wheel in front.
Khamil Hamid, awarded ‘Best Presentation‘ and ‘Best Code‘. He taught his robot to solve a maze using a decision tree rather than letting it use its sensors, and showed good application of logic and active problem solving.
Siddharth Gurumurthy, winner of the ‘Maker Mindset Award‘. He had the mindset to help the group achieve, helping with everyone’s code, design, and being a support for others to talk through problems with him.


In future I would like to do something that involves coding, so to have a taster of this as part of this experience was really good!

Student, on STEM Summer Experience 2023

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