K’Nex Construction

Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6
2 weeks

K’Nex is a creative, colourful construction kit that enables enterprising engineers to design, build, test and improve their own working models. A single kit loan contains 8 boxes of K’Nex components (see image, below), enough for a single class of up to 32 children at a time to build as much as they could possibly want.

With the addition of pulleys and string, your students will become civil engineers tasked with building a bridge that opens to allow a tall ship to pass by. By adding rubber bands and wheels, they transform into automotive engineers, with pole position going to the car that can travel the furthest. (We can provide an additional box of either pulleys or wheels on request.)

Other challenges are as limitless as your imagination – cranes, mousetraps and skeletons have all been built before, along with simpler investigations such as who can build the tallest tower.  Tailor the engineering to your topic, or examine specific principles in detail.

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