EYFS, Y1, Y2
2 weeks

Everyone loves bubbles, and they offer lots of opportunities to explore some fascinating science. Borrow our bubbles kit and let your children investigate for themselves using our special bubble solution and a range of different equipment and materials.

Bubbles provide the opportunity to study scientific concepts such as elasticity, surface tension, chemistry, light, and even geometry. Your children can engage in observation, experimentation, investigation and discovery, simply by studying these fascinating soapy spheres.

The kit includes suggestions for bubble challenges such as making a bubble as big as possible, creating a caterpillar of bubbles and making bubbles inside bubbles. Children can make different shaped bubble-wands of their own and explore which work best.

By working scientifically, children can investigate questions such as: how can you touch a bubble without it bursting? Can you make different coloured bubbles? Do bubbles always form spheres? How can you make bubbles that stick together? They might even like to explore whether bubbles can be frozen, or the effect of different liquids and concentrations of bubble solution.

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