Superintelligence – are we ready? A Discussion with Stuart Armstrong

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Tuesday, 14th March 2017
7.30PM - 10PM
Ages 18+
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In part 3 of this immersive series on AI we will be in discussion with Stuart Armstrong – author of ‘Smarter Than Us: The Rise of Machine Intelligence (2014).’ He’ll be exploring the technological, political, philosophical and ethical issues involved in AI.

The ‘physical embodiment’ of AI may still be twenty years away but the ‘mind’ of AI can already operate both over the internet and in the board rooms and command centres of corporations and government institutions. And although an ‘AI super-algorithm’ does not yet have (and may never have) real human like intelligence – it can already outstrip naturally-evolved human reasoning by other means.

So how threatened should we feel? Is super AI possible and when? Or are we just being paranoid about androids?

This event is being presented in conjunction with Philosophy in Pubs.

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British Science Week 10-19 March 2017


The Jam Factory
29 Park End Street, Oxford, Oxon, OX1 1HU, Oxfordshire

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Superintelligence - are we ready? A Discussion with Stuart Armstrong
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