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Science Club in a Box is a term-long loan that enables you to run a weekly science club. Each kit includes five activities with all the instructions and equipment required.

There are two separate Science Clubs in a Box, so if your students are clamouring for more, then you can always run another one!

Series 1 includes the following activities:

  1. Egg Tower Challenge
    Explore structures and investigate how to make the tallest and strongest tower to support an egg for 30 seconds.
  2. Popcorn Science
    Why does popcorn pop? What makes the perfect popping corn?
    Predict, experiment and test one of our nation’s favourite snacks.
  3. Rockets
    Vitamin C Rockets, Straw Rockets and Balloon Rockets.
    Three…two…one…blastoff! Design, construct and decorate three different types of mini-rockets to launch indoors.
  4. Make Your Own Toothpaste
    Investigate toothpaste by learning about its ingredients, testing the effectiveness of different kinds of toothpaste and thinking about how to keep your teeth clean and healthy.
  5. Hoop Flyers
    Most paper airplanes are flat, but these hoops can fly surprisingly far!

Series 2 includes the following activities:

  1. All About You Part 1 – Genes and Senses
    Explore and test your senses through a series of challenges and discover which genetic traits you have!
  2. All About You Part 2 – Science of Exercise
    Why do our bodies react the way they do to exercise? Test your lung strength and measure how much air your lungs can hold!
  3. Crime Scene Science
    A mystery white powder has been discovered on a crime scene- it is up to you to become a forensic scientist and discover what it is through a series of chemical tests!
  4. Space Base
    A mission has been launched to live on a foreign planet, but first a specialist team of material testers will have to discover what the best building materials are.
  5. Circuit Detectives
    A series of faulty circuits have been found, it is up to you to discover how to fix them!



£50 + VAT for 6 weeks (members)
£100 + VAT for 6 weeks (non members)

Contact our schools team for all enquiries on [email protected] 

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Science Club in a box
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