Creative Computing Club – Micro:Shake It Up!

Saturday, 25th March 2017
10AM - 11.30AM Ages 9-12 (SOLD OUT)
12.30AM -2PM Ages 9-12 (SOLD OUT)
2.30PM - 4PM Ages 12-15 (Unaccompanied)
Ages 9-15
£8 per child + booking fee, accompanying adults free

Have you ever wondered how a phone or sat nav knows which way it’s facing? Or if it’s being moved or shaken? Well it’s all to do with a clever gadget called an accelerometer and in the latest of our popular series of coding workshops we’ll show you how they work, using a micro:bit.

Use this clever tech to programme your micro:bit to show a sad face when it’s upside down and an angry face when it’s shaken.. You’ll then explore the micro:bit’s pins, which although usually are used to control various outputs such as sounds and light, also know when they are touched, so you can control the micro:bit with your own body!

There’s an opportunity to build on last month’s bop-it game (for regular computing club attendees) or (everyone) wire in a speaker and use the accelerometer and the touch sensitive pins to make a music controller – so if you tilt it, shake it, or touch a specific pin, a note will play.

Suitable for those new to coding or children who have attended a previous coding workshop.

10AM – 11.30AM Ages 9-12

12.30AM -2PM Ages 9-12

2.30PM – 4PM Ages 12-15 (Unaccompanied)

9-12 year olds in the morning sessions must be accompanied.  The afternoon session for ages 12 – 15 is unaccompanied and so permission forms must be completed.  Forms can be downloaded here and can be emailed to [email protected] in advance, or printed and brought along on the day.

Our Creative Computing Club is kindly sponsored by Steven Wray, a winner of I’m an engineer Get me out of here 2015.

For information on our terms and conditions visit here.


The Basement
Oxford Centre for Innovation, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1BY

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Creative Computing Club - Micro:Shake It Up!

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