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Starry Starry night at the Oxford Christmas Light Festival

Friday 17th November 2017

We can’t wait for the Oxford Christmas Light Festival to begin later this evening – it’s a great chance for Science Oxford to celebrate all that glows, glistens and glitters.

Start the weekend by experiencing the winter star constellations of ‘Cassiopeia’ this evening 4pm – 10pm at the Castle Quarter. Guerilla Dance Project will be showcasing and testing their new concept for Playable City: Star Light, Star Bright, a city-wide interactive installation that lets visitors map the winter night sky, visible above Oxford, onto the city’s surfaces.

Launched in the New Year, Star Bright Beacons (touch-activated lights) will be embedded in the pavements, mounted on walls, clustered together, and found across the city. We part- funded the Playable City project and it’s going to be a fantastic start to the festival.

On Saturday, we ‘Light it up!’ at our Saturday Maker Club, where creative 9-15 year-olds can design their own LED Christmas cards and decorations to take home. It’s a great workshop for learning the basics of electronics and circuits.

And if you’re feeling VERY organised, why not book now for The Light Fantastic – our dazzling February 2018 half-term show? Packed with demos and experiments, we’ll be exploring the amazing properties of light, uncovering the secrets of sun cream, the power of the prism and ‘unweaving’ a rainbow.

See the Christmas Light Festival full weekend Programme here and check out all of our up and coming events here.

Have a sparkling weekend!

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