FameLab brings together the most engaging, creative and daring individuals in science as they battle to surprise and fascinate you with unbelievable facts and unforgettable performances in just three minutes. It was set up by Cheltenham Festivals in 2005 and is now run in over 25 countries worldwide. Heats are held across the UK in the autumn, including here in Oxford, with the UK final in London in the spring and the international final at The Times Cheltenham Science Festival in June.

Scientists and engineers from around the world take part armed with only their wits and a few props and the result is an unpredictable, enlightening and exciting way for public audiences to connect with them and the work that they do. It’s also a great way for participants to develop and hone their communication and performance skills and to share their passion for their subjects with the public.


Visit our YOUTUBE Channel to watch the 2017 Oxford regional final in full plus individual performances by contestants.

In 2016, Oxford saw two contestants, Jase Taylor and Kyle Evans make it to the UK final, and maths teacher and folk singer Kyle went on to win FameLab UK. In 2017, Oxford regional heat winners were Anna Ploszajski – a PhD student and materials scientist / engineer (UCL) and the Wild Card winner was Tomasz Dobrzycki – a DPhil student studying embryonic development (Oxford).

Read our 2017 FameLab Blog


Sci-Comm – Science Oxford delivers a vibrant programme of science communication, performance and public engagement from festivals to FameLab to ‘SO Talented’ Science Cabaret and Sci-Comm socials & Scratch.

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