Science Communication

Sci-Comm – Science Oxford delivers a vibrant programme of science communication, performance and public engagement from festivals to FameLab competition, to running The Presenter Network hub for Oxford, plus ‘SO Talented’ Science Cabaret, Sci-Comm socials and Scratch sessions plus much more. Get involved!


  • The Presenter Network - Tour a fusion energy reactor

    There has never been a more important time in our planet’s history to explore new ways to create clean energy than now. And much of that exploration takes place right...

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  • Presenting 101 - The Presenter Network Workshop

    Presenting 101 is an interactive workshop designed to help you flex your presenting muscles. Whether you have been presenting to the public for a long time or have just started,...

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  • Disaster by Choice with Ilan Kelman

    We speak of earthquakes, floods, and fires as wild and untameable disasters – natural phenomena that spring unexpectedly from a hostile landscape and challenge our trust in the safety of...

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