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Sci-Comm – Science Oxford delivers a vibrant programme of science communication, performance and public engagement from festivals to FameLab competition, to running The Presenter Network hub for Oxford, plus ‘SO Talented’ Science Cabaret, Sci-Comm socials and Scratch sessions plus much more. Get involved!


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Science Oxford launches free skill sharing sessions for Presenters

Monday 30th July 2018
Calling all presenters! This September, Science Oxford will be opening its doors to a gathering of presenters from museums and...
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Togas to Tattoos – Naked Mathematician ‘Tom Rocks Maths’ bares all..

Tuesday 17th July 2018
When toga-clad maths teacher Tom Crawford, AKA the Naked Mathematician, walked into a bar and performed a three minute Archimedes talk...
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Pondlife to Parklife at Stansfeld Park – it’s Oxford Green Week!

Monday 18th June 2018
Oxford Green Week is a county-wide summer festival which uses culture, creativity and community to inspire local people to take action...
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The latest news relating to our shows, workshops and activities.

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The Presenter Network

Science Oxford is now running the Oxford hub of The Presenter Network (TPN) – a local, national and international network set up for presenters.

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Science Oxford annually organise the Oxford heats for the popular national SciComm competition. Enter the competition or join the audience!

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SO Talented Science Cabaret is a performance that takes place twice a year, in the summer and at Christmas, featuring the best science communicators from Oxford and beyond.

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