Do your :bit Challenge

The inspiring do your :bit challenge brings together the micro:bit and the UN’s Global Goals to provide inspiring activities for children and young people aged 8-18 for an exciting digital challenge. Test your imagination and combine creativity and technology to come up with solutions for the Global Goals by tackling the issues we’re facing today. Design inspiring innovations that make the world a better place – and you could win some amazing micro:bit prizes with your ideas!

Challenges can focus on themes such as health and well-being or climate action, but entrants can choose any of the Global Goals. There are lots of ideas and examples of projects on the website, from ‘send a smile’ to ‘light up fishing nets’.

Children have from now until 15 July 2022 to enter  – find out more here. ​

Here at the Science Oxford centre we ran a do your:bit Creative Computing Club for ages 9-12 to help kids create their own designs. Find out more about our Clubs here.

Share your ideas with us on Twitter @scienceoxford #ScienceOxford #DoYourBit

Topic: coding, programming, computing, environment, health
Age group: 8-18

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