Watch Water Freeze


At this exhibit, you can discover how ice crystals form beautiful feathery patterns and what we can do to melt them

There is a large wooden box against the wall, and the exhibit sits in front of this. This exhibit has an orange base, a white hexagonal sink and a black hexagon shape with a light inside.

Place your hands on the lit-up zone – how does it feel? (It might be quite cold!)

On the wooden box above the sink, is the exhibit label and a tap. You can press the front of the tap to let water flow into the sink and onto the icy surface. What do you think might happen to the ice?

To see the ice crystals form, look through one of the round, black viewers. You can turn the viewers to change the colours and to see the ice crystal formations in different ways. It may take a little time to see the ice crystals form, but your patience will be rewarded as it is very beautiful to watch.

Can you find different ways to melt the ice?

What patterns can you see in the ice?

Sensory Guidance & Advice

If you have a hearing aid or cochlear implant, keep it dry


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Audio instructions




Visual Instructions


Water Freeze exhibit sign



Extra Challenges


  • Use the tap (and your fingers) to slowly add water and melt the ice crystals
  • Wait and watch how the ice crystals reform!