Guess What?

At this exhibit, you can play a game with a partner that is similar to the game ‘Guess Who?’.

You and your partner can each sit on a rectangular green bench, so there is one of you on either side of the exhibit.

You will each have a collection of objects in front of you on a big white panel with smaller inserts for each object. The same objects are displayed on both sides, but the objects are arranged in a different order.

Open all the grey flaps so you can see and/or feel all of the objects.

Player One will choose an object, without telling their partner which object they have chosen. Player Two then asks yes/no questions in order to work out what object Player One has chosen.

As objects are ruled out, Player Two can close the grey flaps on their side.

Is the final object on display the one their partner has chosen?

Sensory Guidance & Advice

If you want to find out more about what the objects are, there is an information booklet stored between the two sides of the exhibit.

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Visual Instructions




Extra Challenges


  • You might ask about how the objects look or how the objects feel.