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New film highlights Thinking, Doing, Talking Science project

Friday 13th October 2017

Science Oxford is involved in a ground-breaking research project called Thinking, Doing, Talking Science (TDTS) – which aims to make science lessons in primary schools more practical, creative and challenging. A new film made by the TDTS team explains a little more about the project and the importance of getting children to ‘think out loud’ about science concepts, ideas and solutions in the classroom.

TDTS is funded by the Education Endowment Fund and we run it in partnership Oxford Brookes University.

Teachers are trained in a repertoire of strategies that aim to encourage pupils to use higher order thinking skills. For example, pupils are posed ‘Big Questions’, such as ‘How do you know that the earth is a sphere?’ that are used to stimulate discussion about scientific topics and the principles of scientific enquiry.

Bridget Holligan, our Director of Education and Engagement, said: “This film will be of interest to primary school teachers who are looking for new ways to engage their pupils in science and want to explore the pedagogy of TDTS.”

She added: “We are in a really exciting phase of the project now as we’ve rolled the TDTS programme out to 200 schools across England to test its efficacy. We hope lots of teachers will find the film useful and perhaps it will encourage them to get involved with TDTS too.”

You can watch the film here.

Find out more about the TDTS project by going here.

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