Saturday Science Club Abingdon – Mission Possible? LEGO Rescue (ages 5-9)

Saturday, 15th June 2019
9.45AM - 11.00AM
11.30AM - 12.45PM
Suitable for ages 5-9
£8 child / adults free
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We’re testing our science clubbers resolve this month as they face a series of science-themed missions that require logic, creativity and Lego. In our first challenge, they’ll bravely battle to unfreeze and break free from a block of ice; in the second, we will test their ingenuity as they use instructions written in the language of computers to escape from a maze; and for their third task, they must create a cunning floating device to help them safely reach shore. But don’t worry! Your child will be perfectly safe, it’s their Lego avatar you need to worry about…

All Saturday Science Club sessions must be accompanied by an adult.

Science Oxford welcomes all children to our clubs. If you or your child has additional needs, please get in touch on [email protected] to discuss how we can best support your child to make the most of the club.

For information on our terms and conditions visit here.

This event is part of a partnership between Science Oxford and the Abingdon Science Partnership to bring science-themed activities to wider audiences across the region.


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The Yang Science Centre – Abingdon School
Faringdon Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1BQ, OXON

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Saturday Science Club Abingdon - Mission Possible? LEGO Rescue (ages 5-9)