Saturday Science Club Abingdon – Germ Ninjas (ages 5-9)

Saturday, 18th May 2019
9.45AM - 11.00AM
11.30AM - 12.45PM
Suitable for ages 5-9
£8 child / adults free
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Become a germ ninja and find out how coughs and sneezes spread diseases. Our bodies deserve a lot of credit; every day they work hard to fight off germs, often without us even realising they are there. Join us for a tour of the body’s infection fighting weapons. Bogie busters will undertake a hands-on exploration of how blood helps to fight germs and make their very own cold-busting snot. It will be gross, but your life depends on it!

All Saturday Science Club sessions must be accompanied by an adult.

Science Oxford welcomes all children to our clubs. If you or your child has additional needs, please get in touch on [email protected] to discuss how we can best support your child to make the most of the club.

For information on our terms and conditions visit here.

This event is part of a partnership between Science Oxford and the Abingdon Science Partnership to bring science-themed activities to wider audiences across the region.


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The Yang Science Centre – Abingdon School
Faringdon Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1BQ, OXON

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Saturday Science Club Abingdon - Germ Ninjas (ages 5-9)