School Shows

Our shows are designed to engage children of all ages with intriguing and visual demonstrations that help to develop their understanding of scientific concepts. They provide lots of opportunities for discussion and higher order thinking and children are encouraged to ask questions and share their ideas in an open and inclusive way.

Wow to Wonder

Early Years or Years 1-2

In this fun, interactive show we ask children lots of questions to get them thinking. Which item is the odd one out and why? What do you think will happen next? Can you see a pattern? Can you spot the difference? Every child will be encouraged to contribute by discussing their ideas, conducting an experiment in pairs and sharing their observations.

Light Fantastic

Years 3-6

Making use of our fantastic theatre, this show is both spectacular and thought-provoking and gives children a good basis for understanding the requirements for light in the National Curriculum. See light travelling in a straight line, but also bending. Think about your shadow and what causes it? Light is an endlessly fascinating subject but not easy to teach in a classroom. A dark theatre space offers great opportunities to explore light and dark in more depth.

Science Surprises

Years 3-6

Science Surprises is our exciting new show that aims to get pupils thinking What, Why and How? We’ll share a series of experiments with them that have an element of surprise and the children have to try and work out what has happened and why? How can you change one liquid into another? Why does the box suddenly fall? During the show, the secrets to some of these surprises are revealed, whilst others will be set as a ‘back at school’ challenge for children to come up with their own solutions.

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