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12 Days of Science Oxford Christmas

Saturday 23rd December 2017

It’s Christmas! Just in case you run out of things to do over the festive break, we asked some of our team to come up with some simple science inspired ideas to keep you entertained for the 12 days of Christmas.

The idea is – every activity should be something you could try at home, and so in keeping with the spirit of DIY they filmed their own demos on their own mobile phones and cameras – so -although Spielberg needn’t worry about his job just yet – we hope you’ll agree they came up with some fun ideas with a few laughs to take us into the new year!

Make a bird feeder to feed the birds in your garden, try your own Marble Maze challenge, step through a Christmas card or make your own Pringles cannon! Watch the videos on our YouTube channel here.

Some of the films come with instructions, which you can download below, and we even have a festively mathematical offering from FameLab 2017 winner – singing maths teacher, Kyle D Evans.

Look out for the vids on Facebook and Twitter from Christmas Day, and don’t forget to check out our fantastic programme of events for 2018.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Science Oxford.

Make A Pringles Cannon with Cathy (instructions here.)

Step through a Christmas Card with Bridget

Make a Bird Feeder with Roger

Make Micro:Bits play carols and turn them into tree decorations with Noelle (you will need your own Micro:Bit) Instructions below:

Jingle Bells / Ornament

Make skittle patterns with Sophie

Make a changing colour Sweet Pea G&T with Ian

Check out the Satsuma demo and make a festive marble maze with Mike

Make a catapult with Sarah

Catapult instructions

Try magic science tricks at home – lots of ideas here on our Pinterest!

Kyle D Evans offers a solution to the problem of how to recieve more presents this Chistmas – watch his film on YouTube here!

Why not Facebook, Instagram or Tweet us your pictures of anything you make this Christmas – our favourite can win a prize in the new year!


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