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Material science is brought ‘bang’ up to date

Monday 20th April 2015

If you like your science messy and explosive then Science Oxford’s latest show – Wonderstuff – would have been the perfect end to your week. Presented by energetic science communicators (and let’s not forget Imperial College London professors) Mark Miowdownik and Andrea Sella, Wonderstuff was a noisy and exhilarating journey through the modern materials that our world is made of – from iron to graphene and glass to aerogels.


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The show was bravely hosted by the Oxford Playhouse, who gave over its stage for an hour on Friday 24th April as part of the theatre’s ‘Friday at Five’ programme. Nearly 350 children and adults were gripped as Mark and Andrea artfully (and very carefully) demonstrated how our understanding and use of materials has evolved since man first walked the Earth – from the creation of iron (with a bit of live smelting) and superconducting magnets through to mobile phones components and a fiery finale involving oxygen, hydrogen and a naked flame.

If you missed the show, there’s another chance to see it at the 2015 Cheltenham Science Festival. Just don’t forget your ear plugs!

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