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Sculptures In Space! Local schools go 3D with Science Oxford for NASA competition

Saturday 9th December 2017

We’re so excited about our new interstellar competition to help schools in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire send a sculpture into space!

In April 2018, NASA will launch a Black Brant IX rocket into sub-orbital space and that rocket could be carrying a sculpture designed by pupils in schools.  The 250 sculptures chosen from all those sent in will be filmed moving in zero gravity (imagine the chaos) before being returned to their winning schools with a copy of the video and a certificate to show that the sculpture has gone interplanetary.

Designing the sculptures is a great engineering challenge and requires cross-curricular working, especially in maths and english. The biggest task will be to think small – the sculpture can only be the size of a sugar cube and needs to be super-lightweight. Extra points will be awarded for sculptures that tell a story or convey a message as well as looking beautiful.

The competition is free to enter but you’ll need to provide two identical copies of your sculpture. That’s where Science Oxford comes in! Tweet, Facebook, post or email us a photo, diagram or model of your designs before the Christmas holidays and we’ll choose our favourite three to create from lightweight plastic using our 3D printer.

If your school would like to enter, visit for a complete set of rules and an entry form. To email us your school’s designs, contact Sophie Batin at [email protected].

We can’t wait to see what your students come up with!

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