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Science on Your Doorstep revs up for winter season with F1 expert

Tuesday 13th November 2018

In advance of our new Science Oxford Centre and Wood Centre for Innovation opening at Stansfeld Park in 2019, Science Oxford has been running a series of talks in Headington called Science on Your Doorstep. Local scientists have been giving us the lowdown on their area of research in schools and village halls in the area. Over the last few months, we’ve heard from Dr Robert Bates on CS Lewis and the Influence from the Planets and Allergies and Immunity with Berne Ferry. Who knew there was so much local expertise?

Get into gear for this month’s event in St Andrew’s School on Wednesday 28th November: Formula 1 engineer and motorsport expert, James Balkwill is giving a talk entitled “From F1 to the School Run” – all about the influence of F1 technologies on the cars we drive every day. Over the past few decades, technology developed to push a supercar to peak performance has significantly influenced the design of our run-arounds.

Over the past two decades, Dr James Balkwill has taught advanced vehicle dynamics to both undergraduates and postgraduates and now has former students in every single Formula 1 team and throughout the motorsport and automotive industry. He has won several major prizes for his teaching and has presented public lectures on motorsport, including the Christmas lectures at Oxford Brookes University, where he works.

The event is free to attend but we are inviting people to make a donation towards a fund we’re setting up to support disadvantaged schools across the region. The fund will help these schools with their travel costs to enable them to come and enjoy our new Science Oxford Centre at Stansfeld Park when it opens fully in Autumn 2019.

We hope to continue the Science on Your Doorstep event series in our new theatre at Stansfeld Park next year.

Suitable for ages 14+ book your tickets for the evening below

Science on Your Doorstep: James Balkwill – From F1 to the school run



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