The ABCs of COVID-19

The ABCs of COVID-19 The science behind the pandemic that changed our lives – a book by Jen Harper. Learn about the science basics of COVID-19, from antibodies to zoonotic diseases! Our Clubs Officer Jennifer Harper used her time during lockdown – along with raising a new family – to create a series of brilliant books for families.

Jen said, “I’ve been on maternity leave throughout the pandemic and we’ve been shielding as a family, so I’ve been trying to keep my mind active! I wrote ‘Heidi Stays Home’ as a way for my daughter to remember our time in lockdown, because we’ve tried really hard to make happy memories for her, but she’s too young to remember anything. She’s 7 months now- time has flown! My second book ‘The ABCs of COVID-19’ goes through the science behind the pandemic and I hope is helpful in explaining to children what’s happening around us, and in bringing families together.

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Topic: science

Suitable for all ages