Starters for Science

We love these 10 short video clips produced by our friends at the Primary Science Teaching Trust. They are ideal for teachers to use to help children with practical science enquiry activities and are suitable for children in school or at home.

Try ‘Mirrors and Light’ to explore reflection, light sources and how light travels, ‘Animal Camouflage’ to create animals which disguise themselves, or even ‘Melting Ice’ to investigate the insulation properties of different materials.

Each video includes open-ended questions for children to consider, an opportunity to think of their own questions, and scenarios relating the science to the real world. The videos could be a great way to introduce an activity and prompt children to go further and design their own investigation.

Find out more here.

Topic: Covers 10 different topics relating to ‘working scientifically’ skills and the Primary Curriculum
Age group: 5-12
Time: approximately 5 min videos; activities could take an hour or more!

Recommended by Andrew Kensley