Sensory Science with Dr Sarah Bearchell

Sensory Science is a series of short films, created by one of our Big Science Event at Home judges, Dr Sarah Bearchell, for The Lightyear Foundation. This charity works to break down the barriers to disabled children taking part in STEM and Sarah has developed particular expertise in creating science workshops for young people with additional needs. I love this resource because the activities that Sarah demonstrates are visual and tactile experiences that are easy to resource from home and Sarah presents them in a way that encourages experimentation and investigation. She doesn’t reveal all the answers and she ends each video by saying “I think you need to experiment …” – and this is exactly what our Big Science Event at Home is all about!

Watch here

If you are thinking about participating in our Big Science Event at Home then watching some of these short films will give you some great ideas as a starting point for your own investigations!

Topic: general science
Age group: 4+ depends on activity
Time: 30-60 minutes

Recommended by:

Bridget Holligan,

Director of Education and Engagement