Puzzle Day Every Day!

National Puzzle Day is usually celebrated in January, but why not have a go all year round! Try doing your favourite jigsaw, tackling a crossword or, better still, taking on one of our Science Oxford Challenges.

A great selection of puzzle activities to try at home or at school was put together by our friends at Science Sparks and the Primary Science Teaching Trust. You can use materials found around the home or classroom. Don’t forget to share with us @ScienceOxford and @ScienceSparks and @pstt_whyhow and use #ScienceFromHome! Find out more here.

Download Puzzle Sheet 1

Download Puzzle Sheet 2


Science Oxford Puzzle Challenge

We have two more puzzles for you to try at home or at school suggested by the Science Oxford Centre team: The Handcuff Puzzle and The Number Triangle Puzzle.

The Handcuff Puzzle

Challenge: Without taking the handcuffs off your hands, can you and your partner separate yourselves from each other?
Age: 6 – adult
What you will need: two pieces of rope/string (both approx. 1-metre long)
Skills: problem-solving, verbal and social skills, gross and fine motor skills, patience, resilience

Download here: SO Challenge – The Handcuff Puzzle instruction sheet

The Number Triangle Puzzle

Challenge: How can the numbers 1-9 be placed in these circles, so that each side of the triangle adds up to 20?
Age: 7 – adult
What you will need: Two pieces of paper, and a pen/pencil (optional: numbered counters)
Skills: problem-solving, testing, mathematics, patience, resilience

Download here: SO Challenge – The Number Triangle Puzzle instruction sheet

Science Oxford School Kit Loan

And finally for primary schools, don’t forget we have our kit loan to help your science lessons. The skills developed through puzzles can be applied and tested with our range of kits available. Develop a variety of mathematical skills across different areas of the curriculum and the early learning goals as well as logical thinking and problem-solving. We are offering our kits for free to our member schools during lockdown for children of key workers and vulnerable children – just get in touch with [email protected].

Recommended by Emily Fisk, Science Oxford Centre Officer

Science Oxford Centre staff photo of Dr Emily Fisk