British Science Week 2022

British Science Week (BSW) is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths that takes place every year in March. This year, BSW takes place between 11-20th March 2022 and the theme is Growth, with projects and resources for children at home and in the classroom.

During British Science Week we will be welcoming children to our visit our Centre with their school, to our public Family Days and Clubs and we will be out visiting schools in the region with our science shows and workshops. We also offer a range of kit loan to schools, including microscopes, telescopes, data loggers and more so you can run your own BSW sessions!

Or, check out our selection of free online science shows recorded for schools at our Centre in December 2021 and British Science Week 2021. You can watch the videos via our YouTube channel – details below.

Don’t forget, if you are a primary school in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, you can become an annual Member for a range of discounts and offers from 15% discount on visits to our Centre and shows and workshops in your school, free two weeks science kit loan (and a further 50% discount) – and a free CPD session for teachers. Plus lots of networking opportunities and bespoke advice. Why not book your school visit now?

Videos of online shows from the Science Oxford Centre

Fantastic Fire
Watch some fantastic fire demonstrations and think about flames, burning and the properties of materials.

Fantastic Fire KS1

Fantastic Fire KS2

Exploration Zone
Join us for an online tour of our very own Exploration Zone at the Science Oxford Centre and try out your scientific skills to predict what will happen with each of our science-themed demonstrations.

Exploration Zone KS1

Exploration Zone KS1

Super Senses
Use your senses to investigate light and sound using lasers, fire and water!

Super Senses KS1

Super Senses KS2

For more sensational senses experiments and ideas for KS2, visit:

BBC science and music videos

Toronto Symphony Orchestra sound videos.

Winter Wonders live shows from the Science Oxford centre 2021

Closely observe the intriguing science demonstrations to help us to answer questions about temperature, density and materials with rather surprising properties.

Winter Wonders KS1

Winter Wonders KS2