BBC micro:bit playground survey

The BBC micro:bit – the next gen campaign has teamed up with the Office for National Statistics to launch an exciting investigation – the BBC micro:bit playground survey – a UK-wide exploration of the place school children visit nearly every day, and one that can have a huge impact on their lives and local community.

With the help of their teachers, children aged 7 to 11 years old have an opportunity to use the BBC micro:bit in a unique data science project, to investigate and gather information about their playground.

The playground survey provides a practical approach to understanding the value of data and how data is used in today’s world. The survey is a series of seven fun, cross-curricular activities, designed to work flexibly to help teachers fit the learning into a busy timetable.

A teacher guide is available which gives an overview of the entire project and there are a number of additional resources, including a poster to download to help your class keep track of results.

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