ATOM 2021 Sci Cache Challenge 

Take part in the ATOM 2021 Sci Cache Challenge June 11-13

We’re delighted to be taking part in the ATOM Festival interactive event this June – find the signs, scan the code, engage with science and enjoy the outdoors! The Sci Cache Challenge is a virtual and physical event taking place across Abingdon town centre, open for anyone to take part with contributions from science, technology and environmental organisations.

Play a game of Garden Guess What?

Download our Science Oxford Challenge game instruction sheet to get you started:
ATOM 21 SO Challenge- Guess what.

Design and play your own version of the game Guess Who. The person who guesses their partner’s selection using the smallest number of questions is the winner.

What you will need: Two matching sets of a variety of objects (~10-20) selected from your garden or outdoors, and arranged on a tray or a plate.

Skills: Identifying and sorting objects, asking useful questions, close observation, gross and fine motor skills, verbal and social skills, teamwork

Age group: EYFS, KS1, KS2, adult

Share your challenge with us…

When you have completed your Science Oxford part of the challenge, post your photo or video clip and tag us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @ScienceOxford or email [email protected] for the chance to win a family visit to our Science Oxford Centre this summer! #ATOM2021 #ScienceFromHome

Anyone getting a minimum number of points for completing activities will be entered into a draw for a fantastic range of prizes, from a LEGO model of the International Space Station, to book and coffee vouchers and free tickets for speaker events at ATOM 2022. Details will be posted on the ATOM Festival website, including instructions on how to take part and a map of the QR sign

Find out more about ATOM Festival and the Sci Cache Challenge here.

There will also be an ATOM Festival information stall in the town square from 10am until 4pm on Saturday 12 June and paper copies of the Sci Cache Challenge map will be available in the Abingdon County Hall Museum, Mostly Books, The Abbey Cinema Box Office, The Missing Bean Cafe, the Visitor Information Centre and Abingdon Library from Thursday 10 June.

Take part in the ATOM Sci Cache Challenge 2021