Rocket Mice

Make your own Rocket Mouse travel 2 metres 

Download our Science Oxford Challenge Rocket Mice instruction sheet to get you started.

Rocket Mice template

Prepare your rocket mouse for take-off and watch as it zooms up into the air! Can you explain how it works? What can you change to affect how high your mouse flies? Can you reach 2 metres for social distancing?

Download the  Science Oxford Challenge Poster (or make your own) and take a picture or video of your rocket mouse!

Skills: Close observation, prediction, pattern seeking, fair testing, gross and fine motor skills, verbal and social skills

Age group: age 4 to adult

What you will need: paper, scissors, pen/pencil, an empty plastic milk bottle, sticky tape, a cup or saucer to draw around to make a circle, string or rubber band to make your mouse’s tail, a measuring tape or ruler, timer

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