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Lexi aged 9 takes a walk on the wild side with Science Oxford and tells the ‘tail’!

Tuesday 1st March 2016

Lexi Eades went along to animal show ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ at Abingdon School this February half-term, and met a colourful array of weird and wonderful creatures! Hear about the day in her blog.


I went to Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow on the 20th of February with my mum and friend Eunice. First we saw some Amate Animalia animals. Oakley the skunk, who had been rescued from a rubbish tip, was cool. He is a soft animal and likes to eat vegetables and locusts. We also saw a chameleon called Charles Darwin. The female chameleons have fewer colours on their skin than males. Charles was born with a skin infection and the shop owner threw him out. There were also baby African Hedgehogs. They’re meant to eat bugs and worms. They should be kept inside as they’re not used to the cold weather and they need heat.

Animal blog pics

Then we went in to watch Jonathan’s show. He showed us a tree spider. Her name was Elsa and she was surprisingly small and blue. We saw a tarantula called Fluffy (if you see her you’ll know why). Unlike Elsa, if she was upside down and fell on the floor, her bottom would explode and she would instantly die.
There was a giant millipede called Maximus. When Jonathan let us hold him I said it felt like dancing toothpicks on my hand. We also saw a giant gecko. It’s the largest gecko in the world. Jonathan showed us a snake called Mrs Noah. She is a rainbow snake. She is called that because if you shine light on her brown scales they turn rainbow colours.

My favourite bit of the whole show was seeing the very cute hedgehogs and I’d like to go on another Science Oxford adventure like this again.

Bye, Lexi





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