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Just for Graphs

Tuesday 27th October 2015

Maths is dull and boring – right? Something you have to learn in school and not the first thing you would think of as a topic for a successful comedy show. Well that is where you would be wrong! Matt Parker, Helen Arney and Steve Mould – together also known as the Festival of the Spoken Nerd – took on the tricky subject and have Excelled themselves in coming up with a fantastic fusion of comedy and maths.

Having seen all three perform separately and snippets of a joint set I had high hopes for my first Nerd show and I was not disappointed!


It was a high-energy show packed full not just of graphs but also surprises – who else would think to explain the curve of a graph using fire?! In true science style some of the demos did not go quite according to plan first time round, but this did not matter.

The audience loved it and got involved by creating their own graphs and trying out the futuristic technology of a fax machine. Even the venue did not want to be left out, creating bar-chart beer mats for us to complete before the show and during the interval.

Who knew maths could be so funny? As well as having a great night out Euler become an expert on different types of Venn diagrams. If only maths was taught like this in school it would quickly become everyone’s favourite subject.

There is still time to catch the FOTSN on their tour, Didcot has already sold out, but they are in Newbury this Wednesday, 28th October and Swindon 4th November. For full listing and tickets click here.

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