Join us ‘Under The Sea’ LiveFriday at the Ashmolean

Monday 8th August 2016

We are so excited to be coming along to the ever popular Ashmolean LiveFriday on the 9th September. Climb aboard for the Science Oxford Boat Challenge and hold tight for a tempestuous voyage of discovery as we join the Ashmolean Museum and Creation Theatre Company, with theatre, music, pirates and gaming.

The Science Oxford Boat Challenge

Shiver me timbers! Join the crew of the Oxford Pearl to build a model boat using only a few simple materials. How many pieces of eight will it be able to carry before sinking to the murky depths? With a fair wind, captain your creation in our land-locked ocean to find out who will rule the high seas and who will walk the plank.

2016 celebrates the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death and Creation Theatre’s 20th birthday. See live performances of famous storms in the bard’s plays, discover the buried treasures of the Ashmolean, enjoy live music, hands on creative workshops, behind-the-scenes talks and get your quota of grog at The Galley Café and the Crow’s Nest Dining Room.

Look out for.. Pirate Ship Galley Café – Sea Shanties-Rope Tying – Creation drama club students – Excerpts from stormy scenes in Shakespeare – Dramatic retellings of Homer’s Odyssey – The STORM room – Make a sea-monster – Creation Theatre’s 20th birthday party! – Pirate treasure hunt – Shell tours – Irregular Folk – The Salts – DJ Pin Drop – DJ Progressively Less Elephant – Flights of Helios – Get a pirate tattoo – Lightning Projections and much more!

‘It Came From The Sea’ fancy dress theme, with prizes for the best costume! ‘Sea’ you there…

7PM – 10.30PM


On Sale:
£3 for a LiveFriday ticket only
£10 for a Storms, War & Shipwrecks exhibition ticket with LiveFriday entry

Visit the Ashmolean website for more information.

Supported by the Arts Council England.


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