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Inspiring Eco-Warriors

Friday 4th September 2015

Budding eco-warriors spent a fantastic week this summer learning, building and designing at Science Oxford’s Rose Hill Summer Science Camp.

The camp, which was financially supported by Oxford City Council, began with a visit to the new Community Centre site where children aged 7-12 donned hard hats and high-vis jackets for a tour. Supported by staff from Beard – who are building the Centre – the children mixed and poured concrete into moulds, proudly taking home their creations at the end of the day.

The group also learnt about insulation by building boxes made of site materials and then testing their insulating properties using an infra-red camera.

Staff from sustainability group Bioregional (who are running Project ERIC in Rose Hill) arrived midweek to demonstrate the many benefits of solar energy. The children recycled offcuts of solar cells to build a working solar panel which had enough power to charge their phones, games or tablets. The children also learnt all about recycling from the Oxford City Council team, with plenty of games and fun.IMG_0690

The camp continued with a host of scientific and technological challenges and activities led by the Science Oxford team, including making paper, building shelters and baking delicious cakes for the final day’s celebration.

Supported by members of the Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon Group, who provided a plethora of homemade cakes and treats, the children finished the week by presenting their own amazing eco-houses to an audience of parents and supporters. They explained their design decisions and highlighted their homes’ bespoke features such as eco-swimming pools, growing gardens and triple glazed windows.

The week was a great success with positive feedback from parents, members of the community and the children themselves. “I love science” announced one proud eco-house creator – and long may that continue!


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