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Tuesday, 28th June 2016 - Thursday, 1st January 2026

Registration for the Big Science Event 2019 has now closed.  If you missed the deadline this year, please check back in August to register for 2020. 

If your school has registered, your teams now have this term to complete their investigations and create their posters. Please ensure that you have chosen your winning team to represent your school in the cluster judging stage before the Easter holidays and that you upload your team before Sunday 28th April.  Our education team will then be in touch to arrange the cluster judging in your school.

Please download this form to add your winning team 2019-Cluster-Judging-form

and email to [email protected]

“It has made science more exciting and fun and interesting.” Year 1 pupil, Radley CE Primary School

“The best bit was setting up our own experiment and looking at something we wanted to find out about.” Pupil, 2017

We believe that giving pupils more ownership of their science investigations can really engage and motivate them. It enables them to see science as something genuinely creative and exploratory and this can help with effective teaching and learning of ‘working scientifically’.

Pupils, of any year group, work in small teams on the science investigation of their choice – it can be as part of a school science week, science club, science lesson or even as a homework project. Investigations might involve any combination of surveys, fair test comparisons, research or data collection over a longer period of time.

The competition culminates in an exciting Finals Day where pupils present their projects as part of a day of interactive science activities.

We have been running the Big Science Event since 2010 and can provide support to schools and teachers, including a twilight CPD session (free for Member Schools) to provide practical ideas and techniques for managing the process of pupil-led investigation.


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The Big Science Event

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Big Science Event

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Big Science Event 2019

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